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Jinan Daigang Biomaterial Co., Ltd

Company Profile
The co***ny is located in the city of Jinan, Shandong Province. The co***ny has strong power in technology and has a high-tech research and development team with high quality and great diligence, who has advanced research and development means and many years experience in the area of medical biodegradable materials.
The co***ny pays great attention to the invention and development of new products. The co***ny has successfully developed medical biodegradable materials and produced PLA anti- conglutination velum. Now the co***ny is carrying out the research on filature and bone pin products of PLA materials and is going to widen the application of PLA materials.
The co***ny holds the spirit of profession, concentration and devotion. It has won the trust and cooperation of clients with its top-ranking products, top-ranking services and sincere attitude.
Profession: Professional research team and professional services
Concentration: Concentration in doing business
Devotion: Devotion to the research of biodegradable materials

Contact Us
Company: Jinan Daigang Biomaterial Co., Ltd
Contact: Mr. li daigang
Address: jinan luoyuan
Tel: 86013075360818
Fax: 86013075360818

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